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Animal Friendy Actions

Actions for Stray Animals

Following the initiatives for the care and rehabilitation of stray animals abandoned within its boundaries, the Municipality of Apokoronas has established a database where photos and characteristics of the registered stray animals are posted. These animals are marked, vaccinated, and sterilized (gender, age, etc.) under the auspices of the Municipality. This allows anyone interested, whether from Greece or abroad, to refer to this database and choose an animal for adoption.

Adopting an animal is an act of responsibility and is treated as such by the Apokoronas Municipal Authority.

For this reason, prospective guardians will be informed about the rights of animals and their obligations towards them. This ensures that the animals leaving the streets are placed in families that will treat them with respect. The aim is to break the vicious cycle of abandonment by transferring the responsibility of an animal from the guardian to the local community and the Municipality.

The responsibility of guardians regarding pets is the key to eliminating the issue of stray animals.

To visit the database, select the link, where you can browse through photos of stray animals available for adoption. After selecting a photo, you can navigate to previous or next ones using the arrows on the left or right, respectively. Additionally, you can find information about each stray animal by clicking the information button (marked with the English letter “i”) in the upper right corner of the page. Feel free to leave comments on any photo that interests you.

For more information, send a message to the email address info(at)

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